We are hiring - GSP DevOps (Citi)

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Citi’s Global Spread Products (GSP) Business is part of the greater Global Markets and Securities Services division of Citi’s Institutional Clients Group.

As a DevOps engineer in GSP, you will be part of the team building our next generation infrastructure and DevOps toolset for exciting new technologies that shape the future.

DevOps & infrastructure team plays a critical role in this journey, You will work in a highly collaborative and fast-changing environment, and focus on improving every aspect of developer experience, service infrastructure, and performance of our services with DevOps best practice. We are looking for candidates with related hands-on experience, with passion for technology engineering, a sense for quality excellence and a willingness to bring data-driven products to production.


  • Drive infrastructure / security standards, accelerate DevOps adoption
  • Design and implement complex, scalable, enterprise-level architectures
  • Build CI/CD pipelines and self-services to improve developer experience and productivity
  • Build up engineering measurement platform, using data to drive engineering excellence
  • Working in global infrastructure / DevOps teams and collaboration cross regions


  • 5+ years of professional experience with IT systems, including as a software engineer or system administrator
  • Deep understanding in DevOps concepts and practices, willing to drive DevOps transformation
  • Proficient with containerization technologies like Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift
  • In-depth knowledge of CI/CD systems such as Jenkins, Gitlab, GitHub Actions
  • Proficient in at least one programming language like Java, Python, Golang etc.
  • Rich work experience in Linux environments and shell scripting
  • Extensive experience with Logging, Monitoring, Application Performance Management and other observations tools
  • Ability to quickly learn new and existing technologies, strong problem solving skills
  • Ability to communicate and work in English as a daily basis
  • Good knowledge of software development life cycle, Scrum, and agile software development.

Nice to have:

  • Experience with On-premises OpenShfit, AWS or GCP
  • Experience with Cloud Native CI/CD pipelines such as Tekton
  • Experience with DevOps measurement platform building and data ETL/visualization
  • Knowledge of security scanning tools, including Fortify, BlackDuck and Checkmarx
  • Kubernetes, AWS, SRE certifications

招聘资深 DevOps 工程师 / 花旗银行 GSP 部门


  • 与各项目组紧密协作,推进 DevOps 转型,帮助项目团队深挖交付周期中的瓶颈和痛点
  • 制定和落地交付标准,提供相应的解决方案以实现高效的端到端交付
  • 参与研发效能度量平台的设计与研发,包含数据对接清洗,数据集市开发,可视化展示等
  • 与交付周期不同环节的人员保持充分沟通,为打通交付工具链及提高团队效能提供解决方案
  • 开发 DevOps 自动化工具和自助化服务平台,以及对现有工具进行二次开发。
  • 分享 DevOps 相关理念和知识,引导团队人员协同合作提高工作效能,掌握相关工具的使用和最佳实践


  • 5 年以上软件开发领域相关经验,熟悉软件交付流程,热爱编程
  • 深入理解 DevOps 理念和实践,对软件工程和技术推广有极大热情
  • 精通 Docker、Kubernetes 等容器化和集群管理技术,有 AWS ECS、EKS 经验者优先
  • 深入了解 Jenkins、Gitlab、GitHub Actions 等主要 CI/CD 系统
  • 精通至少一种编程语言,如 Java、Python、Go 等
  • 能熟练在 Linux 环境工作,擅长自动化脚本编写
  • 在日志、监控、应用程序性能管理和其他观察工具方面拥有丰富的经验
  • 能够快速学习新技术和现有技术栈,优秀的问题分析和解决能力
  • 能够熟练使用英语进行交流和工作
  • 能在使用 Scrum 的敏捷团队中高效工作


  • 有企业级云平台基础设置搭建和管理经验,例如 OpenShift
  • 熟悉云原生 CI/CD 流水线平台的构建和管理,例如 Tekton
  • 有研发效能度量平台设计和开发相关经验,能理解和落地 DevOps 指标
  • 有安全扫描工具使用经验,例如 Fortify, BlackDuck and Checkmarx
  • 有 Kubernetes,AWS,SRE 等相关认证证书