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Recently busy on


Home: https://github.com/tobyqin/testcube

Description: TestCube is a platform to manage and monitor automation test run and results, it provides a friendly web interface which is build with Python and Django.

TestCube Client

Home: https://github.com/tobyqin/testcube-client

Description: A Python client for TestCube.

Already finished

Home: https://github.com/tobyqin/xmind2testlink

Description: With this tool, you will be able to convert xmind tests to testlink tests xml files.


Home: https://github.com/tobyqin/wpath

Description: WPath is a library to select Windows UI automation element like XPath.


Home: https://github.com/tobyqin/KeepScreenAlive

Description: A small tool to keep screen alive on Windows, it will be helpful for UI automation or some specific situations.


Home: https://github.com/tobyqin/ccnet.tfsrevisionlabeller

Description: TFS revision labeller for CruiseControl.NET.