coding 2**8

Coding.NET 2**8 Puzzle

I click the 2**8 button today, and it is my first time to try code in WebIDE. I have to say this is an interesting idea to let user like me to get fun with the product. So I spent around 3 hours to figure out the secret of your puzzle.


  1. I get tips by typing help everywhere, so I am able hack gateway via jumper very soon.
  2. I like to search internet by google, so I am able to find the password for all users.
  3. I found source code of your project at github - hack_ide
  4. I am not sure you guys open sourcing the project is by design or by mistake, so I can find passwords without too much efforts.


The mission is trying to get all parts of source code - Coding-WebIDE-Community-x.zip

part 1:

From home path of duwan.
现招募大批小猴子!壮大队伍,一起走向 Global !
那就给我 duwan@coding.net 发个简历呗!

To: https://coding.net/s/83bacece-65b6-4dae-b0ef-2d266454765d

part 2:

From email - folding beijing, no encoded.

To: https://coding.net/s/b0e02dd4-7653-4ccb-b6a1-cd5c0887abd2

part 3:

From todo.md by hulufei.
2. drop upload file
drop a file on textarea, then generate url like

To: https://coding.net/s/1f2d6857-3229-43c2-af14-70fb8f530496

part 4:

From email - folding beijing.

decode by rot13

To: https://coding.net/s/585f0b61-be80-40ec-944e-ffb59b06b7e3

part 5:

from gateway system dir.

To: https://coding.net/s/2af96c2a-000a-4dad-a061-5645eaa4c152

part 6:

From email - folding beijing.

decode by http://tool.chinaz.com/tools/unicode.aspx (to Chinese)

To: https://coding.net/s/4d282396-eedc-4b0f-89ae-b2953d6c3e07

part 7:

From email - folding beijing.

decode by reverse string

To: https://coding.net/s/98530dba-d88e-4850-86b3-8bc04e2732ac

part 8:

From email - folding beijing.

decode by http://www.mxcz.net/tools/EmailDecode.aspx

To: https://coding.net/s/04a7aca2-a90d-4f8e-bfc0-e463cb830738


It is fun, I don’t know how many people have solved your puzzle, I am also not sure if I reach to the end or not.

However, have fun in work in life is the most important thing.

OK, I got to know this is a game started at 2016/9/12, I am quite late so missed a lot of fun :-(

Source code: https://coding.net/u/tobyqin/p/coding-256/git/tree/master/src